Hirvihaara Manor celebration buffets for  2019-2020

Appetizer buffet

(Please select two)
Caesar salad (natural /crayfish/chicken fillet) L, the sauce contains fish
Tomato-tabbouleh L, Vegetarian
Melon-mint salad L, G, Vegetarian
Potato-apple salad L, G, Vegetarian
Forest mushroom salad L, G, Vegetarian
Root vegetable salad with seasonal ingredients L, G, Vegetarian
Garlic gherkin, honey and sour cream L, G, Vegetarian

Marinated vegetables flavored with  basil garlic oil L, G, Vegetarian
Colorful chickpea salad and passion sauce L, G, Vegetarian
Mozzarella Caprese L, G, Vegetarian
Bread cheese cranberry salad L, G, Vegetarian
Greek style cheese salad  L, G, Vegetarian
Additional charge for supplementary salads for 2 € per choice per guest


Cold appetizers
(Please select three)
Rainbow trout roe, onion and sour cream L, G
Baltic herring and
 herring L, G
Smoked vendace L, G
Smoked perch L, G
Arctic shrimp in creme fraiche sauce L, G
Cured white fish and apple tartar L, G
Dill cured salmon and lingonberry mayonnaise L, G
Cold smoked salmon and tuna sauce L, G
Peppered smoked salmon and creme fraiche sauce L, G
Turkey pastrami and Cumberland sauce L, G
Pork neck, horseradish sauce and capers L, G
Smoked beef and remoulade sauce L, G
Roasted beets, goat's cheese and pine nuts-vinaigrette L, G, Vegetarian
Homestead cheese and fig jam L, G, Vegetarian
An additional charge of 3,20 € applied for cold appetizers per additional choice per guest.


Main course buffet

Warm food
(Please select one or two, the price will be determined according to your choice)
Main courses marked with a star are suitable for table service.

* Oven roasted salmon served with carrot-butter sauce L, G
* Smoked salmon  served with crayfish sauce L, G
* Arctic char fried in lemon butter with roe sauce L, G
Herb gratinated pike perch and plum tomato sauce L, G.  5 € additional charge per guest

* Fried chicken fillet served with ginger-honey sauce L, G
* Slowly cooked beef cheeks in Burgundy sauce L, G, contains mushrooms
* 12h cooked beef brisket served with red wine sauce L, G
* Braised pork cheeks served with thyme-red wine sauce L, G

* Reindeer roast served with lingonberry sauce L, G.  5 € additional charge per guest
* Roasted duck breast served with truffle sauce L, G.  5 € additional charge per guest
* Beef fillet, red wine sauce and bearnaise butter L, G.  5 € additional charge per guest
* Slow cooked lamb neck from Maatilaliha Meronen and rosemary sauce L, G.  5 € additional charge per guest
* Deer neck served with boletus flavored sauce L, G.  5 € additional charge per guest

* Broad bean tournedos with boletus stew L, G
* Marinated, fried tofu served with bell pepper-almond sauce L, G
Beetroot cappelletti, shaved parmesan served with hollandaise sauce L

For the excellent game meat and wildfowl, additional price applied based on the price of the day.

Warm side dishes
(Please select two)

Garlic-cream potato casserole L, G
Parmesan-cream potatoes L, G
Herb marinated Parisian potatoes L, G
Jerusalem artichoke-potato gratin L, G
Steamed rice L, G
Root vegetables L, G
Cheese gratinated root vegetables L, G
Ratatouille L, G  - please note that the dish is a side dish, not the main vegetable dish and does not contain protein.
Oven roasted vegetables L, G
Bacon beans L, G
An additional charge of 2 € applied for warm side dishes per additional choice per guest

Menus also include
At the appetizer table; green salad, salad dressing, lovely selection of manor’s bread, butter and steamed potatoes.
Water, coffee and tea.


Pricing 2019

1 main course
59,00 € per guest when the group size is more than 35 guest
The main course served to the table 66 € per guest

63,50 € per guest when group size is less than 35 guests
The main course served to the table 70,50 € per guest

2 main courses
65,50 € per guest when the group size is more than 35 guests
Main courses served to the table 72,50 € per guest

70,50 € per guest when the group size is less than 35 guests
Main courses served to the table 77,50 € per guest

For more than two main courses for the buffet or to the table, an additional charge of 7 € applied per course per guest.

Please note that some main courses have additional prices applied also when served to the table due to the higher cost of the main ingredient

Children under the age of 4 dine free of charge from the buffet, table service is 5 € per course
4 to 12-year-olds dine for half the price of a buffet and table service

Menus for tables
Appetizer buffet and main course table service.  A 5 € additional charge per guest applied.
For the specific prices can be found under ’Pricing 2019’.
Main courses marked with a star are suitable for table service.
Appetizers and main courses served to the tables are tailored for each banquet.

Notes about pricing
Buffets are prepared for groups of at least 20 guests.
For groups of less than 20 guests, we recommend menu options served to tables.

Special diets and food allergies
We take into account lactose-free and gluten-free diets free of charge as per your request - with the exception of the cake options. Pricing of gluten-free cakes can be found in the cakes section
For people who cannot dine from the buffet you have selected, we will prepare the dishes with an additional charge of 5 € per guest. In the case of the cakes, please refer to the cakes segment

Confirming the menu
We kindly ask for the confirmation of the menu and notifications of any special dietary 30 days before the event and the changes to the number of guests confirmed seven (7) business days before the event. Billing will be created according to the number of people confirmed or when by the number guests increases above the number presented previously. All prices include VAT. We reserve the right to make any changes to the reservation.

You can also choose the menu for your party from the following options
Seasonally changing menus and buffet menus
For the family celebration coffee menus, please contact our guest service p. +358 19 688 8255 or enquieries@hirvihaarankartano.fi


Marvelous filled cakes during 2019

All cakes available for order during 2019 are listed below.
Please note that the cakes are created for ten guests each, therefore cakes cannot be created for the exact number of guests.

Traditional cream cakes with whipped cream or lactose-free naked cakes
Strawberry cream cake
Raspberry cream cake
Strawberry and raspberry cream cake
Highbush blueberry cream cake
45 € per 10 guest cake

Gluten-free cake for 10, with an additional charge of 15 €

Mousse cakes, lactose- and gluten-free
Black currant, dark chocolate
49 € per 10 guest cake

Mousse cakes gluten-free and low in lactose
(The cake cannot be made as lactose-free)
Milk chocolate and raspberry mousse cake
Dual chocolate mousse cake
49 € for a 10 guest cake

Vegan cakes
9 € per slice

If your cake arrives at the manor from your personal confectionery, we kindly remind you of the limited cold storage facilities of the manor. Please be aware of the uninterrupted cold chain in cake deliveries. https://www.evira.fi/en/foodstuff/manufacture-and-sales/ 

The cakes are only received on the day of the event, preferably right before the cake is served.
Cutting of the cake from the employees of the manor can be requested with an additional charge of 100 €.


Drinks to celebrate in the year 2019

Ice water is included in the price of the menu. The spectacular wine list of the manor is redesigned every 3 months. If needed, our employees are more than happy to recommend the best matching wines from our broad selection of wines. The wines are charged according to by the total amount of bottles. For the extensive wine list, please contact our guest service.

Non-alcoholic beverages
Milk, juice and kvass 5 € per liter. Please order the number of liters of non-alcoholic drinks in advance.


January-April 2019 buffet wines and prices

Champagne Chouette de Champillon Brut Blancs de Noir, France  78,00 € /75 cl
The scent is fresh and mineral, with a hint of green apple aromas. Dry, but the elegant fruity taste and smooth with toasty aromas. Bubbles will last in the glass for a long time.

Cava Masia Can Tutusaus Vall Valley Brut Nature Reserva, Spain  45,00 € /75 cl
Fresh scent, with a hint of pure apple. The taste is dry, mineral and freshly acidic. Light fruit, clover, and a little toffee. Elegant and long-lasting bubbles.

VV Azul y Garanza Vitis, Navarre, Spain  45,00 € /75 cl
Grapes Garnacha Blanca and Viura. The palate consists of light fruits, such as pear and melon. Dry and fruity taste with light acidity that delivers freshness.

PV Azul y Garanza Fiesta, Navarre, Spain  45,00 € /75 cl
Grapes Garnacha and Tempranillo. The scent consists of dark berries and ripe fruit. The wine is medium-bodied, cherry and has a hint of spiciness.

Dessert wine Pineto Brachetto d'Acqui Strevi, Piedmont, Italy  57,00 € /37,5 cl
Grapes: Brachetto, sugar 125 g / l, ruby ​​red with the scent of roses, raspberry, red forest berries, pineapple, lychee and passion fruit. A flavor of spicy acidosis, rosary, strawberry, raspberry and herbs. Best served with desserts and cakes made with berries.


May-December 2019 buffet wines and prices

Champagne Chouette de Champillon Brut Blancs de Noir, France  78,00 € /75 cl
The scent of fresh and mineral, with green apple aromas. Taste dry, elegant fruity and smooth with toasty aromas. Bubbles will last in the glass for a long time.

Sparkling wine Sartori Prosecco Erfo, Italy  49,50 € /75 cl
Grape Chardonnay. Dry, refined and fruity. Taste of blossom and apple can be discovered.

WW Villa Pieri Pinot Grigio Sicilia, Italy  45,00 € /75 cl
Grape Pinot Grigio. Fresh, scent is powerful and aromatic. Dry, round, fruity and well balanced.

RW Villa Pieri Rosso di Puglia, Italy  45,00 € /75 cl
Grapes Negroamara and Primitivo. Fruity and toasty. Taste is fruity with pleasant tannins.

Dessert wine Pineto Brachetto d'Acqui Strevi, Piedmont, Italy  57,00 € /37,5 cl
Grape: Brachetto, sugar 125 g / l, the flavor of spicy acidosis, rosary, strawberry, raspberry and herbs. Outstanding when accompanied by desserts and cakes with berries.

The area of the manor is in its entirety alcohol licensed area, therefore drinking your own alcoholic beverages is prohibited by the law. All drinks should be ordered from the Manor House.


Additional treats for Celebration

The water table
In warm weather and when your guests are waiting for the start of the party,
we highly recommend a water table for the waiting room.
We will serve still water, carbonated water as well as a variety of flavored waters.

With the price of 2,50 € per guest

The water table can also be placed in the same space as your celebration.
The price of an additional table is 2,50€ per guest.

Cocktails are perfect for a night party or for a celebration.
At the event, we can prepare our unique cocktails 10,50 € per cocktail or cocktails based on personal favorite recipes. These are priced according to the event and the dishes served. Our guest service is more than pleased to assist on any questions regarding non-alcoholic beverages.

For toasting
Canapes/pintxos examples with sparkling wines or water table

Shrimp Skagen in a bowl L, G
"Roe cup" L
Cold smoked salmon with malt bread L
Smoked ham pie L
Smoked reindeer éclair L
Cream filled eclair L
Cheese from Juustoportti L, Vegetarian
Escalvalida on a baguette L, Vegetarian

3,00 € /pc

As gourmets
Wedding candies have been distributed as early as the 17th century during commoner’s weddings and the custom spread to noble weddings in the 19th century. Frequently, brides and bridesmaids crafted wisdom and aphorisms on the candy wrappings.
Wedding candies  3,60 € per guest
Selection of cookies  3,60 € per guest
Mini bébé tarts  3,10 € per pcs
Chocolate confectionery  2,20 € per pcs
Macarons  3,00 € per pcs
Artisan confectionery  3,50 € per pcs
Petit fours – confectionery selection  15,00 € per guest
Selection of salty popcorn, nut and chips  4,00 € per guest