Summer Party at the Manor

Looking for a perfect place to host a summer party for your organisation, staff, partners or other stakeholders? Are you looking to impress with your company’s launch party? Or are you just looking to throw the best party for your company?

In that case, Hirvihaara Manor is the right place for you!

Hirvihaara Manor offers a glamorous mansion house, a stunning Glass Pavilion with a covered glass terrace and beautiful manor gardens.

The setting is perfect for an incredible variety of events. We have hosted bands, stand up comedians, poets as well as classical music artists. We are able to reserve your organisation a part of the Manor or you can book it all for more privacy. We are able to welcome up to 1,200 guests.  

The Manor is suited to nearly any theme imaginable from James Bond style cocktail parties and ballroom dancing to more casual gatherings.

An Event Manager or Producer can be used but whether it’s a themed party or themeless one, you always have the option of leaving the arrangements to the capable hands of the hotel staff. This way the organiser of the party gets to enjoy it too!

We are happy to share the details of the best Event Managers and Producers with you.

Our own kitchen creates buffets, seated dinners, BBQs, canapes as well as well as serving coffees and snacks at the forest shelter. We tailor our offerings to suit your party’s theme and needs.

If you are stuck for themes, here are some suggestions from us:
Ascot – with all the grand headpieces
Venetian carnival
Full-moon party
Summer games in the garden

And not to mention all the themes related to specific eras, colours (such as ‘white party’ in the theme of upper class New Yorkers at the Hamptons), or different countries.

We gladly discuss accommodation options with you.