Genuine smoke sauna

There are saunas, there are smoke saunas, and then there is still Hirvihaara's genuine chimneyless smoke sauna. Soft balmy steam ('löyly') rises up to the seats ('lauteet') on the steam loft, where the time stops and the mind rests.

In-between sauna sessions, one can cool down leisurely on the terrace under trees. After some steam sessions, one can also take a refreshing dip in the Mustijoki river; during winter, this can be done through a hole in the ice.

One can dress up in Vilpola at peace and continue one's evening in the warmth of the fireplace.

Information about smoke sauna

The smoke sauna is valued as the traditional form of sauna, among other things due to the soft balmy steam generated by the large number of stones heated only once. The characteristic odour of the steam in the smoke sauna has been found pleasing.

The smoke sauna is heated up throughout the day. There is no chimney in a smoke sauna. The sauna has a big stove, through which the smoke freely rises to the space within the sauna as it is heated. At the same time, the stove stones heat up.

The stove is once-heated, that is, it cannot be heated more during bathing in the sauna. During heating, the smoke leaves through a hatch ('räppänä') and through the door left ajar. When the bathers arrive, there is hardly any smoke in the sauna, just a pleasing warmth and odour.

The smoke sauna of the Manor of Hirvihaara was built in 1997 of the logs of Mäntsälä's old elementary school. It has brought enjoyment to thousands upon thousands of guests over the years.