Activities at the Manor


Many different kinds of opportunities for exercise and hobbies are available around the bountiful manor area. Even more to experience and see can be found in the surroundings nearby.



Hirvihaara has its own tennis court. If you didn't bring your own rackets and balls with you, you can ask for these at the reception.


In our new gym, FysioLine equipment is available for residential guests for a variety of exercises, from 7 am to 9 pm every day.

Fishing or excursions along the river

You can undertake trips by canoe or rowboat on the Mustijoki river that flows in the manor area, or you can try how it feels to paddle when standing on a board. If you are interested in fishing, you can ask the reception about the permits and equipment.


A lean-to in the shade of the forest is a magnificent place to sit down by the fire and perhaps enjoy a cup of coffee made over campfire. Get-togethers around lean-tos often involve dancing. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information from our sales service.

Yard games

Is there anything better than a yard game when the weather is great? Guidance to Mölkky is available for example from a regular participant in World Championships. Guidance to croquet and dart-throwing is also available. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information from our sales service.

Day Spa

At the basement of the manor there is Day Spa. Have a look at our pampering treatments on our wellbeing page.

Kitchen garden

"At the manor site's southernmost end, a kitchen garden and a fairly large greenhouse have been designed. At that time, manors had to be as self-sufficient as possible to be able to feed not only their own people but also their employees. Also exotic plants were grown, and they required a cool wintering location."
- Paul Olsson's garden design for the Manor of Hirvihaara in 1918.

Vegetable gardens for everyday food supplies have been a part of Finnish manors' food economy since the Middle Ages. The Manor of Hirvihaara again wants to offer their clients food that is local, from a local soil and organically grown.



Hirvihaara Golf's 18-hole field welcomes all golf practitioners.  
Ask about the summer's economic Golf accommodation packages at or tel. +358 (0)19 688 8255.

Horse riding

Nearby Jatilan Talli stable offers horse riding, walking a horse, riding camps, ponies and pets. At Torpin Talli stable you can ride Icelandic horses, instead.

Quality training in dressage is provided by Ratsutila Rustholli riding property; ask also packages for adults' Luxus camp.

Shooting range

For those interested in real shooting, Mäntsälä's shooting range is located in Hirvihaara. 


The grove of Lemmenlaakso, a nature protection area, is an excellent hiking destination. It is situated in the region of Järvenpää, where Keravanjoki river has scoured a deep canyon in the esker landscape.

Sepänmäki Museum

Near the mansion, in a walking distance, there is the Sepänmäki Handicraft Museum in Hirvihaara.