Kitchen Garden

Kitchen gardens have formed an important part of Finnish manors' food economy already since the Middle Ages.

Therefore, the Manor of Hirvihaara wants again to provide, to its guests, food that is organically grown in its own soil nearby.

The guests can amble around the kitchen garden while having a taste of and familiarising themselves with fresh organic herbs. Organic gardener Suvi Lehtonen in the greenhouse of the kitchen garden of the Manor of Hirvihaara trusts on cultivation in sand. Tomatoes and herbs grow equally well in sand.

In the kitchen garden, guided introduction to plants is arranged. Also playful taste identification competitions or pumpkin weight guessing competitions are organised, For more information about the activities arranged in the kitchen garden, please inquire 

A book in Finnish, "Lavatarhuri – Kasvata satoa viljelylaatikossa", on garden platforms and platform gardening, which was written by organic gardener Suvi Lehtonen together with Teija Tuisku and Heidi Haapalahti, was published in March 2015.

The book can be bought for example at the reception of the manor.

It is possible to follow the growth of Hirvihaara's kitchen garden also through a blog at