Attic sauna

Another sauna alternative is the infrared sauna in the attic of the manor. After having a sauna bath, one can admire the starry sky through the tower's glass-roofed corridor and hang out by the fireplace of the attic atelier.

Infrared heat by its wavelength corresponds to deep heat present in the sun's heat radiation. Infrared heat is completely different from the damaging UV radiation and does not contain any of it.

Effects of infrared sauna

Bathing in an infrared sauna stimulates tissue functions and increases the efficiency of blood circulation. It alleviates pain and speeds up healing of injuries by increasing blood circulation in tissues. Improved blood circulation guarantees entry of oxygen to tensed muscles and efficient metabolism for removing metabolic waste; as a result, muscle tension and joint stiffness are reduced. In comparison with the traditional sauna, the infrared sauna is less taxing for the heart.

In the infrared sauna, increased level of metabolism burns calories as the body sweats. This promotes burning of fats, strengthens the condition of the heart, helps in removing cellulites and increases skin flexibility.

The recommended temperature in the infrared sauna is about 50 degrees, and no more, because a healthy body sweats already at 45 degrees up to three times more in infrared heat than at 80 degrees in a stove sauna. This efficiently removes toxins from the body and starts the metabolism.