Blacksmith Hill Crafts Museum

Located in Hirvihaara, Mäntsälä, the Blacksmith Hill Crafts Museum is a lively and functional outdoor museum that tells about life in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries in a fun and exciting way. The workshops of the different professional groups are connected in an original way in the quaint homes.

The old courtyards are beautiful and harmonious. Walking paths between the cottages combine the different yards into a meaningful whole, leading the visitor from one cabin to another. The old artisan settlement has been restored to a museum: it has collected about 8,000 handicraft items and has over 20 acres of buildings and 14 workshops or workshops.

Most of the museum buildings are in their original place, only the previously destroyed cottages have been replaced by similar buildings. The names of the cottages “Pirkkala”, “Sepäntupa”, “Jokapaikka”, “Hemmilä”, “Leppälä” and “Koskela” are also original place names. In this way, Sepänmäki and its small cottages form an interesting settlement trap, which tells about the true old-fashioned lifestyle of Maltese.